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#WellnessWednesday: Art Therapy

Latinx Therapy
Latinx Therapy
Photo Credit @latinxtherapy

It’s Wellness Wednesday and to help you find your chill, we have some suggestions. Would you consider art therapy?

Pero like, first, let’s cover some important ground.

It is well known that our communities of color have been struggling for some time to find appropriate outlets and services for their mental health due to severe cultural stigmas. In recent years, this very need, has pushed health care professionals and allies to seek new solutions.

“I was super frustrated, because I couldn’t find any resources for my clients that were relevant, that were modern, that weren’t so much clinical jargon.”

Adriana Alejandre, Therapist
New York Times

Enter: Adriana Alejandre. She is a Mexican-Guatemalan therapist based in the San Fernando Valley, CA, and the founder of Latinx Therapy, a mental health resource website custom-made for our community. With just a few clicks using search feature on the site you can find local services in your area.

This is an absolute game changer. With a bevy of resources, including bilingual podcasts, and an IG account to dig into, where anyone, especially those who might be intimidated by the idea of seeking a therapist, can casually take a look at the content and decide for themselves how best to proceed.

“Therapy is a space where you can learn to build skills, whether that’s communication, whether that’s understanding yourself, creating boundaries.”

Adriana Alejandre, Therapist
New York Times

There is a lot on the proverbial POC community plate. Even as we find ourselves reeling from all the news headlines, organizations like Latinx Therapy can help. The website even contains annotations of podcast episodes and bilingual resources for each topic. Also, if you’re in the LA area on May 18th, 2019, Latinx Therapy will be hosting a one year anniversary event with panels, workshops, live music, and dancing. You can purchase your tickets to attend here. We highly recommend it.

So, back to art therapy. With organizations like the Art Therapy Project in NY, we are seeing a greater advocacy emerge for the practice. It has been shown to be useful for people who want to destress, as well as beneficial to trauma victims who need to process and heal. And it’s just fun. The light music and simple instructions in the craft video below may be the perfect way to start. You can even find an art therapist if it works for you.


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